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Our Story

It’s difficult to sum up 30 years of history in just a few lines. A living history, each day contributing to the days, hours and seconds spent and shared with colleagues, authors and friends from the sector. During these more than 10,950 days devoted to what we most enjoy, we have opened offices in 8 countries and now have 14 active publishing imprints. We still believe that publishing is a gentlemen’s business, and we are always happy when our friends are doing well, when they enjoy success with a good book, when they manage to captivate their readers. We understand that publishing is complicated and sometimes thankless work, but we continue to respect the achievements of other editors. Not everyone dignifies their work in the same way.

We stand by our principles and time has given us well-deserved surprises: like discovering Louise L. Hay, the self-help queen. Through her we have learned that a mirror can be your best friend or the key to revealing your true "self"; or Dan Brown, one of the great phenomenons of contemporary fiction. We had great fun with the launch of his first book and worked side by side to devise the Internet game that has captivated millions of readers. And what can we say about the great Spencer Johnson with his business fable, with which we learn to move in search of new cheese and not to remain speechless in the face of simple and obvious events. And Rhonda Byrne, the new self-help star, whose direct and universal message is a paragon of keys to greater happiness. These are many moments of joy converted into millions of book sales.

All of these authors are good friends who have had faith in us, in a family publishing house, which has grown whilst remaining true to its founder’s principles and which continues to have the energy to follow this long path, whilst holding the hand of whoever needs it, regardless of how big or small they are, convinced that the joys and the sorrows are always much more agreeable when shared.

Happy reading, friends.
A papiro company